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You Are Love,

You Are Light,

You Are From Source! 

Love & Light Spiritual Emporium is a provider of products for a variety of spiritual paths.  We provide spiritual counseling sessions, as well as energy healing sessions.  We sponsor numerous workshops and events stemming from all paths of enlightenment. Let us help you light the way on your journey to spiritual love!

Sessions & Events

Spiritual counselling appointments are available Sunday through Saturday. Walk-Ins are welcome, but it is best to book in advance to guarantee that time is available. Appointments are blocked in half-hour or one hour time frames. 
Energy Healing sessions are available by appointment only. These are also booked in half-hour or one hour increments.
Go to our Spiritual Consultations and Healing Sessions pages to learn more about our practitioners and rates. 
We also host a variety of events and workshops, as well as guest practitioners.
See our Calendar of Events for a full list of upcoming events. 
Mercury Retrograde
What is Mercury Retrograde?


When Mercury is Retrograde, it appears to be moving in the sky in reverse. Mercury is the planet that rules communication so during a retrograde, it is not uncommon for things to get miscommunicated and electronics to have functioning issues.  It is advised to try and not buy any new electronics, sign any major contracts or makes any important major decisions during a Mercury Retrograde.


Here are the Mercury Retrogrades for 2022: 

January 14th - February 3rd

Direct on February 4th

May 10th - June 3rd

Direct on June 4th

September 9th - October 2nd

Direct on October 3rd

December 29th - January 18th

Direct on January 19th

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