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Spiritual Journey

Presented By Tiffany Coican

Cost: $150.00

Wednesday August 25th               7:30 PM - 9:00 PM                      Part I  

Thursday August 26th                 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM                       Part II

Friday August 27th                       7:30 PM - 9:00 PM                       Part III







This is a three part series of classes with a focus on connecting with your various spiritual guides. Each class will focus on a different grouping of spirit guides and how to recognize and work with each of them.  Each class is described in more detail below. 

Part I: Angels & Archangels

In this workshop you will learn how to recognize and work with your Angels through meditation and sound. We will discuss the different energy signatures of the Angels. You will receive a handout with information on the Angels and the colors and crystals they connect with.  Come share the joy and laughter with us and your Angels! You will receive an energy attunement to the Shield of Archangel Michael to focus the protective energies of the Archangel. Also you will learn how to host the Archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Metatron in your home for five days! By hosting the Archangels in your home you are assisting them to serve Humanity and Mother Earth in a more direct way! All things are possible when they are guests in your home!

Part II & III: Ascended Masters, Guides & Archangels


Learn about your Ascended Masters and your Guides, and interact with them in deep meditation. We will discuss who your Guides, Masters and Angels are!  Learn how to distinguish between the energies of the Angels and your Guides and Masters.  In a guided meditation we will invite in these higher dimensional beings of light! The Ascended Masters are beings that have ascended to Master status and assist humanity and Mother Earth in raising vibrational energy to heal karma, our environment and, most importantly, our selves! Our second night we focus on giving you the tools to recognize your guides and who/what are Elohim and Archangels/Archea for each of the Seven Sacred Flames. Master El Morya, Lord Lanto and Master Paul the Venetian. The third evening we cover Ascended Masters Lord Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Lord Sananda & Lady Nada and Master St. Germain and his twin flame Portia. All three classes Tiffany will guide you through a meditation with the Archangels/Ascended Masters! Come have fun and explore!

Tiffany will schedule classes one on one or small groups when a

class is not on the calander of events!

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(954) 261-3878

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