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Healing after Heartbreak


Presented by: Jordana Frankel


Saturday February 19th                 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM                  Cost: $10.00


Who are you, truly? And how can you access the True Self after heartbreak so that you emerge with greater resilience, vulnerability, and authenticity.

In this workshop, we’ll begin by getting clear on what the True Self is and why it’s so important to listen to that particular voice in the flurry of other, louder voices. Next, we’ll cover mindset obstacles that stand between you and your True Self. Lastly, you will receive strategies to help you embody your True Self in the aftermath of heartbreak by channeling archetypes, deconstructing beliefs, and exploring core needs.
Jordana Frankel is a Love + Confidence coach who helps people heal from heartbreak with the magic of archetypes so they can attract the epic love they deserve. She blends Jungian depth psychology with IFS-style parts work, guiding soul-aligned clients to uproot old patterns and receive epic, Spirit-guided love.  

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Feb 19th

(954) 261-3878


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