Healing Sessions

*Energy Healing Sessions are NOT substitute for medical treatment. See Disclaimer at bottom of the page!*

Energy Healing

Half Hour: $70.00 Cash

One Hour: $100.00 Cash

Couples: $70.00 (Half Hour)

T.I.M.E. Heals: $70.00 (Half Hour)

One Hour Session with T.I.M.E. Heals: $125.00

Half Hour or One Hour Session with Before/After Aura Photo:  Add $30.00

Rosa Albert, Tiffany Coican, & Christopher Johnson

By Appointment Only

(From Left to Right: Rosa Albert, Tiffany Coican, & Christopher Johnson)



Rosa is a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition and registered nurse who has been following her magical and spiritual path for over 20 years. She is a certified crystal healer and crystal reader, tapping into their energies to enhance her healing sessions. Rosa is also a certified T.I.M.E. Heals facilitator. She also works with pendulums to assist in balancing the chakras and removing blockages and imbalances. She is also skilled in reading the tarot and uses crystals in her readings, both in English and Spanish, and performs house blessings, clearings and will grid your home with crystals. 



Tiffany was introduced to working with the angels and archangels by Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D., integrating their guidance into her healing practice. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition, channeling the Reiki energy to heal as well as align and balance the chakras. She has also worked with couples to assist in strengthening and realigning the energetic bond between them. She is a certified T.I.M.E. Heals facilitator, as well as, a clairaudient and teaches meditation.  She also co-teaches A Course in Angels.

Christopher Johnson

Christopher came into his metaphysical practice at age 14 by being trained by a hereditary witch family with a lineage going back hundreds of years. From them he learned magic, spellcrafting and hands on healing. He is a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition, a practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy®, working with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, and Magnified Healing®. Using these modalities he aligns and balances the chakras, does soul star clearings, as well as balance the four elements in an individual.  


Usui Reiki
Introduced to the world through its founder Dr. Mikao Usui, Universal Life Force Energy is channeled to relive stress and promote healing through the use of symbols and laying on of hands.
T.I.M.E. Heals
Founded by Teri Miller utilizing Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy for clearing the aura and balancing the chakras with assistance from the Divine Healers, Ascended Masters, and Archangels.
Crystal Healing
Tapping into the transmutative properties of stones and crystals to assist in balancing, revitalizing, and healing on multiple levels.
Integrated Energy Therapy®
Developed by Stevan J. Thayer at the Center of Being, it works with the healing energies of the Angels to work directly with the 12 Strand Spiritual DNA. 
Elemental Balancing
Working with the energies of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water the spirits of the four directions are asked to balance out the elemental energies of the recipient bringing them to a level of wholeness. 


All clients receiving energy healing at Love & Light Spiritual Emporium will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability form.  By signing, the client acknowledges and agrees with the terms below and that it will be effective for all visits:
  • Practitioners at Love & Light Spiritual Emporium or their guest Spiritual Healers do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications or provide medical treatments.
  • The sole purpose for a session/s is for relaxation or stress reduction, plus also to balance, harmonize, release and heal on all four levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).
  • The client understands that some bodily functions may temporarily be affected as a result of shifting energy within the body and agree that this is a natural occurrence.
  • The client assumes sole responsibility for  their own health and for the results of any sessions provided by Love & Light Spiritual Emporium or their guest Spiritual Healers.
  • Treatment/s will not replace conventional medical diagnosis or treatment. The client will continue taking medication prescribed by a licensed medical physician and will continue to follow his/her instructions.
  • The Client releases its owners and practitioners at Love & Light Spiritual Emporium or their guest Spiritual Healers of all legal liability during the client's participation in treatment/s at Love & Light Spiritual Emporium.
  • All information received by the client from Love & Light Spiritual Emporium practitioners is accepted with full knowledge that any action taken by the client as a result of the information received is the client's complete responsibility. 
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