Holiday Season in the Spirit World

Presented by Ron Cox

Sunday December 12th                  3:00 PM - 4:30 PM                   Cost: $25.00 Advance/$35.00 at Door



The Holiday Season in the Spirit World differ greatly amongst the spirit people as it does on the Physical Plane.  The holiday season is a spiritual expression of Love, manifesting within the different realms.  The love generated during this time of year will help those that are in need.

Many of those spending their first holiday season in the spirit world will gravitate to loved ones left behind on this earth as well as other spirit people who feel the pull of emotion and love.

Children are not forgotten. Many will visit their earthly families.  If there is a gift or toy left for them, they will bring back the etheric doubles to enjoy and play with in the Spirit World.

In the Higher Realms, beautiful ceremonies take place in giant amphitheaters.  Thousands upon thousands of Spirit people will celebrate their expression of love during the Holiday Season.


 Join Ron, Kat, and Linda as they dive deep into the Spirit World to bring forward messages from your loved ones to show that Love never dies.


We look forward to seeing you there! 


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Dec 12th


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