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Witchcraft Class Series

Presented by Cat Perron

Tuesdays September 13th - October 18th

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM       


Cost: $20.00 per class 

Join Cat for a beginning, yet comprehensive series on the Wonderful World of Wicca & Witchcraft! Cat is a High Priestess from the Witch & Famous coven in the Welsh-Celtic Pantheist tradition and has extensive teaching experience in various fields.  This tradition is considered a British tradition because it does use a degree system and originated in what is now known as the United Kingdom (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England). These classes will cover a variety of topics, such as history, ritual, holidays and magic, just to name a few. Classess can be taken individually, or as a collective. Join us for the possibilities!!!  )O(

Some Sample Classes will be:

  1. Big Wheel Keep On Turnin’:  Wheel of the Year/Cycle of Life/Sabbats and Esbats

  2. Toys for Tots: Altars and Tools for Younger Self

  3. Playing with Fire:  Elements and Energy

  4. You Can Do Magic: Correspondences, Creating and Casting Spells


Tickets are also Available on Eventbrite!

September 13th                 September 20th

September 27th                        October 4th

October 11th                            October 18th

Call to reserve your spot. 


(954) 261-3878


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