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Oracle Card

Presented by Terri Iacabelli

Wednesday February 9th                   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM                             Cost: $150.00

Wednesday March 9th                   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM                             Cost: $150.00

Ready to learn how to tap into your natural abilities of intuition by providing and receiving insights and guidance?

Have you always wanted to connect to the wisdom of the universe and gain more clarity and confidence to make empowered decisions?

Or are you interested in starting a sideline business helping others by providing oracle card readings to clients?

If the answer is YES:

Here is what you will learn with the Certification Course

  • Gain instant clarity and guidance

  • How to receive and communicate important messages from the Oracle cards about, love and romance, career, health, life purpose, and possible future outcomes

  • Get a total confidence boost because of positive outcomes of reading for yourself and others

  • How to ask the right questions to get accurate readings and how to see deeper into a situation, allowing you to make powerful decisions that can alter your life for you or for others

  • Align with the loving and harmonious energies of the universe

  • Power up and sharpen your intuition

  • What to do with the information to help you move into a positive space and how to build on that success

  • Make amazing shifts in your life to rock your world

  • after you complete this certification course, you will have confidence to use oracle cars to make empowered decisions that shape your destiny 


Online Tickets are available through Eventbrite!

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Feb 9th     Mar 9th

Call to reserve your spot. 


(954) 261-3878


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