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Reiki I

Presented by Rosa Albert, Tiffany Coican, & Chris Johnson

Cost: $150.00

   Saturday August 13th              9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Class I
  Sunday August 14th                 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Class II

(There will be a One Hour Lunch Break On Sunday) 


This class’ instructors are Rosa Albert, Tiffany Coican, & Chris Johnson, Reiki Master Teachers in the traditional Dr. Usui method. 
-Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of energy healing.  Reiki is NOT a religion and is not associated with any organized religion.  Although some organized religions do recognize Reiki as a healing modality.
-In this class you will learn the Reiki principles, how to conduct a “Chair Session” and a “Table Session”.  Full participation is required.
-You will receive a certificate as a Reiki I practitioner and a crystal at the end of training.
Call to reserve your spot. 
(954) 261-3878

Tickets Avaiable Through

August 13th & 14th
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