Tai Chi

Facilitated by Joshua Todrin

Every Tuesday                   6:00 PM - 7:00 PM                   Cost: $15.00 Cash




Josh is a long time practitioner of the martial arts including Tai Chi. He takes a spiritual approach to teaching. He is actively involved in spiritual practices; Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation are a few. He is a practitioner of Jin Shin Healing.  He is a Certified Instructor of Chen Tai Chi and Qigong.  He looks forward to going deeper into these arts with you. A typical class consists of a warm up, Chen style silk realing, Learning/reviewing the form (Lao Jia Yi Lu), Standing meditation, closing meditation and a cool down.  A class is 60 minutes. 

All skill levels welcome. Space is VERY limited! Reserve your spot now!

Class Breakdown:

  • Warm up: A series of exercises such as The Universe Trembles, designed to open the joints which allows for proper qi circulation along the meridians, and to settle the qi into the Tantien.

  • Chen style silk reeling:  This exercise empties the body of nervous or excess (unqualified) energy by rooting into the earth and circulates the qi throughout the body.  We utilize five foundational principles namely: Song, Peng, Ding, Chen, and Chan Si so we may better perform our function of circulating the qi through proper alignment of the body.  Through consistent practice the body serves as a conduit connecting the heavenly energy to the earth by silk reeling, twining and grounded the energy into the earth.


  • Form:  The first form in the Cannon of Chen Tai Chi is called Lao Jia Yi Lu. We will begin at the beginning to capitalize on the abundant health benefits known to be the result of Tai Chi practice.  These are physical, mental and spiritually based.  For a preview of this form, check out joshhealingarts on Facebook to see his demonstration of Lao Jia Yi Lu.  


  • Standing meditation:  Standing Pole or Zhan Zhuang.  Part of any comprehensive Chen Tai Chi practice,  this part of the class is to circulate the qi without the distraction of movement.  


  • Closing Meditation:  This meditation is designed to put the practitioner in touch with universal energies associated with the earth, the heavens and the cosmos.  This is a nice relaxing way to close.


  • Cool down:  We now begin to come back into the rhythm of the world using Qigong and other standing exercises.


Call to reserve your spot. 


(954) 261-3878


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