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Learn to Read the Tarot

Learn to Read the Tarot with JoAnn Rankin


Sunday March 7th           1:00 PM - 5:00 PM            Cost: $125.00


Take advantage of Joann's years of experience reading the Tarot! Join her for for an educational workshop where she will cover various aspects of how to gain information from the cards. A brief history of the cards will be touched upon, the major and minor arcana, and techniques for connecting to your deck. She will also cover traditional, as well as, unique spreads for a variety of situations. Let her assist you in laying your foundation in this ancient art of divination.     

JoAnn has been reading cards (tarot, angel oracle, playing cards & fairy oracle) for 45 years.  She was born with the gift.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN DECK!  Your energy counts!

Decks available for purchase at LOVE & LIGHT SPIRITUAL EMPORIUM Before Class Begins.

Call to reserve your spot. 


(954) 261-3878


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