Transfiguration Seance


Presented by: Joseph LoBrutto III

Sunday April 29th                        6:00 PM                   Cost: $45.00 (Advance)/$60.00 (At Door)Cash


If Booked with "Speaking to Heaven" then $79.00 for both

"Transfiguration Seance", a supernatural performance with roots in Victorian England. Under the soft glow of a single spotlight in a pitch-black room, LoBrutto is about to enter a trance and allow spirits to physically take shape on his person, through a veil of ectoplasm that he he says willl appear in front of his face. As the spotlight casts Lobrutto's face in a barely perceptive flicker, tonight's event begins with an inexplicable smell: a perfume-like fragrance wafting through the air that LoBrutto says is another common occurrence of spiritual contact. For the next 35 minutes, backed by a steady musical drone, it looks as if LoBrutto's face is benig molded like Play-Doh into an ever-changing Rolodex of visitors, few of them sticking around for more than a second. Guests call out what they see, per "I just saw my father." "I saw my son." "I see a pregnant lady." "I see a Soldier."


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