Wyllde Magick Collective

Magickal Handcrafted Creations


Saturday December 7th                  12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Co-Hosting with our Neighbor








*Come hold Magick in your hand*

*Go ahead and give intention a hug*

*Discover what pure rejuvenation smells like*

*Find your Bliss*


Wyllde Magick Collective is a gathering skilled artisans that travel to various venues sharing the products of their skill and talent with the public! Come and peruse through truly unique and one of a kind items! This is a great way to find a special gift for your friends and loved ones, or even for yourself, plus support local talent! Treat yourself and those you know through this opportunity to bring some magick into your lives!

Treasures to be found at this event will be…

Wyllde Woman Creations- Crystal Crowns, Mosaics, Specialty bags & more

Fiber Magick Crochet- Poppets and Apparel

Charmed Rejuvenation -Potions, Lotions, & more

House of Dragons- Mugs, Steins and Mead Horns

Wolf Track Drums- Drums and woodworking

Mmezzuzahlady- Silver Jewelry

Elizabeth Douglass- Hand crafted pendulums & 7-day candles                      

Dragon’s Chest- Talismans and amulets for our modern world

Sandra Cheryl Richardson- Wire wrapped decorations and jewelry

Twisted Thistle Farms- Hand crafted soaps

Lulu Ravenwolf- Hand crafted Ceramics

Rebecca M- Hand crafted Candles

Ruth L- Crystals, dragons, oh my!

(954) 261-3878


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